Rating: Hide.me has earned a very high rating in our review, and is well above average compared to most other VPN services.

Hide.me is designed for the general consumer market by an international team of IT professionals, who started out in the industry creating high security infrastructure for the US Government and large corporations. Through this work they have gained considerable experience with high level virtual security networks, which they have since used to design a VPN client for the everyday consumer.  This means that you have access to a very fast and very secure VPN service today.

Besides designing one of the best VPN clients available today, the company has also chosen to base their company in Malaysia. This might not seem significant to you at first, but it is. Because the company is situated in Malaysia, they are subject to Malaysian law, which doesn’t require VPN service providers to record their subscriber’s internet activity.


Pricing Tiers

Hide.me provides their customers with many different options regarding prices and packages. All packages offer a discount, depending on how long you sign up for. The longer you subscribe the more money you save.

The Plus subscription’s initial price is $5.41 monthly, and the Premium version begins at $11.66 a month. Hide.me accepts most methods of payment, including all major credit cards and PayPal.

Customer Support

Hide.me provides different ways to get help from their customer support service. You can choose to send a ticket via email, or you can look for answers yourself in the FAQ section on their homepage. You can also join their community forum and interact with other Hide.me users.

We tested their email ticketing system, and received a response within very acceptable timeframe. The answer we received was courteous and included answers to the problem, we were asking them about. Overall we find Hide.me customer service to be satisfactory, but suggest they increase the level of specific information in their FAQ section.

Privacy and Security

When it comes to privacy and security, Hide.me separates itself from the competition. The core belief at the company is that every single internet user has a right to keep their personal information and their internet usage private and secure. As a subscriber you have the ability to choose from all the newest VPN service protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IPSec and SOCKS. In addition Hide.me offers the most recently developed protocol IKEv2 exclusively, which testifies to their position as a leading VPN client provider.

Hide.me also stands out by being very selective of what servers they use for their service. Each server is picked according to strict criteria to make sure that it can deliver the best connection speeds available. Hide.me also assigns a new IP to you every single time you log in to their client, increasing your level of identity protection.

 The Hide.me Homepage

Hide.me’s website is easily comprehended with plain to see links. It provides full disclosure on prices and package options, leaving you with no questions about what you are getting, or what it will cost you.

Spend some time on their site, and do some research in their FAQ section for information on their VPN client.

Subscribing and Installing Their Software

Signing up to Hide.me’s VPN service requires nothing more than pushing the right button. Initially nothing more is required than entering your email address in order to start the registration process. Once this is complete, you can download the software and install the software right away, and within a matter of minutes you will be surfing the internet safely and securely. Hide.me makes you completely safe from hackers and snoopers immediately, and also gives you the opportunity to access blocked and geographically restricted websites.

Compatible Platforms

Hide.me’s VPN client can be installed on any type of device including PC, Mac, Android, IPhone and tablets. If you ever need to use several of your devices at the same time, the Premium package offers you the ability to do so with 5 simultaneous connections.



Our positive points about Hide.me:

Our negative points about Hide.me:

It is no secret that e are very hard to satisfy, when it comes to VPN service. If we haven’t tested it, and if we wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending it to friends and family, we will not endorse it. We have no issues with recommending the Hide.me client to all internet users who are searching for a fast, private and secure internet access service. Our suggestion is that you try out Hide.me for yourself, before you make any decision.

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