Should You Choose HideMyAss VPN? As you sit behind your computer screen, or that of your mobile device, you have a sense of anonymity. After all, no one can see you. The truth is this: In today’s age, you are very rarely anonymous when you surf the web. Some of the most well known sites ...

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Should You Choose HideMyAss VPN?

As you sit behind your computer screen, or that of your mobile device, you have a sense of anonymity. After all, no one can see you. The truth is this: In today’s age, you are very rarely anonymous when you surf the web. Some of the most well known sites are rife with tracking cookies and malware.

Popular providers like Facebook, Google and Microsoft begin tracking your every movement the moment that you sign on to their sites. Each of these companies claims to have reasons for tracking Internet traffic, and some reasons will always remain a secret. One of the reasons that we are all acutely aware of is the ability for these providers to inundate you with ads that are tailored to your tastes.

In the United States, citizens experience Internet freedom. In other countries, there is a level of restriction and censorship that ranges from mild to incredible. Citizens in other countries can find themselves blocked from various websites and online services, sometimes by their very own governments.

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In cases such as these, it is imperative to browse the Internet using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is a type of network connection that allows Internet users to browse with anonymity and privacy.

If you are new to VPNs, you may be questioning how your privacy is protected. A VPN assigns you a different, random IP address each time you log on to the Internet. This unique IP address masks your real address and location. When your ISP connects to the VPN server’s ISP, your information appears to be sent to and received from only the VPN server. For example, if someone was attempting to track your virtual movements, your true IP address would not be revealed; only the listed IP assigned to you through the VPN service provider would be located.

Because of these IP addresses, you are able to access blocked services and sites. Through your VPN, you appear to be surfing from the country that the server is located in. You are able to access sites that are censored or blocked, no matter who is setting the restriction.

One of the most popular VPNs on the market today is HideMyAss. The service provider has more than 300 VPN servers, spread across more than 50 countries. As a subscriber to HideMyAss, you have 36,515 possible IP addresses.

What Does HideMyAss Do?

As has been stated above, a VPN gives you the ability to surf the Internet with reliable anonymity. No matter where you are located or what time of day, you are protected from tracking software, spies and hackers. All of the information that you upload and download is encrypted and unreadable.

When you use HideMyAss, you are using a software package that increases your privacy and security exponentially.

Included in the software is Secure IP Bind. This feature allows you to make specific programs and individual applications use your VPN connection. This helps to ensure that any program you choose will access the Internet through your VPN link rather than your real one. Secure IP Bind ensures that applications are making use of anonymous browsing and encrypted traffic. As a bonus, it also ensures that applications are not permitted to access the Internet if not through your secure VPN connection. It should be noted that although this is an outstanding feature, it is only available for PCs running on Windows.

HideMyAss software can choose your VPN server for you or, if you wish, you can set a specific list of servers to which you want to be connected. To increase your security, your IP address changes each time you establish an Internet connection through the VPN. Your IP address can also be changed at random intervals so that it is rotating as you browse the web.

Use Speed Guide to Boost Connection Performance

One of the best features of HideMyAss is the function called Speed Guide. When you use the feature, you are able to boost the overall performance of your connection. During typical use, the Speed Guide feature is used to locate the best server based on your location in order to increase the speed of your VPN connection.

You can utilize one of three speed tests to determine which VPN link will provide the fastest connection: Ping, Express or Full.

The Ping test will tell you the mass latency of the connection between the VPN’s ISP and your own. When the Ping rate is low, your Internet speed is faster. Through the Express test, you measure both the ping rate and download/upload speeds. When you choose the Full test, you reap the benefits of the Express test but in a more comprehensive manner.

What Makes HideMyAss the Best VPN Service?

In very few words, HideMyAss offers the best service for the price. You pay relatively little in terms of subscription rates, yet you are not forced to give up features or support. Typically, when you choose a service that is less expensive, you give up features and conveniences. You do not find this to be the case with HideMyAss.

Because HideMyAss uses OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols, the software is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones. Because many people today use more than one device, it makes sense to utilize a service provider that offers you the chance to hide your identity no matter which device you are using.

The Service Speed of HideMyAss VPN 

If you stream any type of content, you will love HideMyAss. Because you can change protocols at any time, you can choose the best for your needs. When you decide to use PPTP, your movies stream lightning fast.

Although HideMyAss offers fast service speeds, you should know that there are a variety of factors that will have an impact on your speeds. These factors include the distance between your computer’s location and the server, the speeds of your individual ISP service, how many people are connected to the server, and what you are doing as you browse the Internet. If speed is important to you, it is suggest that you utilize the Load Balancing feature offered by HideMyAss.

Server Coverage from HideMyAss

HideMyAss works with more than 300 servers spread across over 50 countries. With all of these servers, you have 36,515 IP addresses to use. The more IP addresses at your disposal, the more difficult it is to trace your activities in the virtual world. Additionally, the total number of servers available determines the speed in which you surf.

Platforms Supported by HideMyAss

HideMyAss software is compatible with MAC, Windows XP, Vista and 7, and the company is currently developing a Linux GUI client.

Additionally, you can use the VPN service pack to protect your mobile device. iPhone, iPad and Android devices are all supported.

Subscription Plans 

HideMyAss offers three different subscription plans to its subscribers:

When you sign up for HideMyAss, you can take advantage of a free trial lasting between three and seven days. This gives you time to determine if the service is the right one for you. If you choose to subscribe and change your mind within 30 days, you are entitled to your money back in full.

Pitfalls of HideMyAss

Like everything else in life, HideMyAss is not without its flaws.

One of the biggest issues with HideMyAss is that the software is not updated regularly. Unlike other software that is updated monthly or even weekly, HideMyAss versions can go a year or more without a significant upgrade. This normally isn’t a problem for the typical consumer, as the software rarely has a noticeable bug. If, on the other hand, you’re the type of person that likes to see ground-breaking updates, this could turn you off of the service.


There are several VPN service providers that you can choose. HideMyAss is hands-down the best offering for the typical computer user. You have an endless supply of strong connections with HideMyAss in an easy-to-use format. One of the best things about the service provider is that you need absolutely no knowledge of how a VPN works in order to take advantage of one.

Signing up and installing HideMyAss is as easy as it gets. In just minutes, you are connected to a VPN server and protecting your identity. You have the ability to fine tune your connection right from your desktop or, alternatively, you can connect and never tweak your settings. HideMyAss is the best choice of VPN service providers available on today’s market. 

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