The Basics

IronSocket is a recent redesign of This Hong Kong based VPN service provider offers high quality privacy and security at very fair prices.

IronSocket is attractive for many different, and important, reasons. It is not required to record the internet usage of its subscribers, and doesn’t. They offer very fast connection speeds, and their servers are located all over the world. Despite not offering any packages that can be customized by their users, this should discourage anyone from giving their service a try. The package they provide will most likely be able to satisfy even the most critical VPN service customer. IronSocket includes state of the art encryption and proxies, and the top performing VPN protocols available today.

Package & Pricing

Not uncommon in the VPN service market, IronSocket offers 1 single package that will adjust in price according to how long you subscribe to their service for. The longer you commit, the bigger a discount you will receive. The pricing tiers are as follows:


IronSocket’s VPN package provides you with the ability to connect to the internet with the OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP protocol. We always recommend everyone to use OpenVPN unless your device requires you to choose something different, because OpenVPN is the most secure protocol today. IronSocket also lets you have up to 3 simultaneous connections at once. If you need to connect more devices, you can add one at an additional $1.50 pr. Month.

With servers in 27 countries, IronSocket leaves you with no shortage of servers to pick from, when you connect to the web. You can connect through such locations as Australia, Egypt, Mexico, and New Zealand. IronSocket does not offer a free trial, but does come woth a 7 day money back guarantee.

Customer Service

IronSocket has a comprehensive FAQ section on their homepage, as well as an email based ticket system. We haven’t tested whether they are really available 24 hours day. What we can say is that when we submitted a ticket through their website asking for help, we received a  very helpful reply within 15 minutes.

Privacy Protection and Internet Security

With Hong Kong having some of the least restrictive and demanding laws governing the internet, IronSocket is not required record their subscribers internet use. They only store the IP addresses of their customers, time of usage, and other insignificant personal information. However, any collection of subscriber data is something we never appreciate.

The only way to remain 100% anonymous with IronSocket is to use BitCoin as payment.

On the upside you have access to a 256-bit encryption service, and IronSocket is planning to offer a 4096/bit option in the future. Because the IP addresses used to connect through OpenVPN are static, it is also close to impossible to distinguish one user from another. This is opposed to HTTP proxy service, which sue dynamic IP’s.

 The IronSocket Homepage is very user friendly with a crisp look and easily accessed information. Not being remarkable in any way, the user friendliness does set it apart from their competitors.


Signing up for IronSocket’s VPN service is seamless, but we do strongly recommend choosing BitCoin as method of payment in order to keep your personal information as safe as possible. Upon registration we quickly received a confirmation email with a link to the download and installation guide, as well as relevant account information.

Our option was to install their OpenVPN client on a Windows operating system. After the installation was complete, we were immediately instructed on how to connect to any server of our choice. The only flaw in our view is the need to reenter the password every time you connect to the internet. However, this minor issue is easily forgotten once you experience the superb quality protection that IronSocket offers.

 Compatible Platforms and Devices

All VPN protocol options offered by IronSocket can be used with Windows, Mac OS, Android and IPhone OS. IronSocket also provides all necessary information for any user, who wants to install their client on a router. Whether you choose OpenVPN, L2TP or PPTP doesn’t matter. IronSocket makes sure that you have the information you need to install all options on any platform and deice. You will need additional information if you want to set up a HTTP or DNS proxy on any platform, as well as AppleTV, Play Station 3, Wii, Xbox, WiiU, Boxee, Roku and PSVita.

 Our Conclusion


Our positive observations of IronSocket:

Our negative observations of IronSocket:

In general we are pleased with the VPN service offered by IronSocket. They provide high quality encryption, very fast connection speeds and an ever increasing number of servers. This all makes them a viable option in today’s VPN service market. However, e are really not too happy about them storing some of their subscribers personal information, but because they are based in Hong Kong we believe that the privacy they provide is more than adequate.

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