When you browse the internet, you’re never alone. Any time you connect to the web you do so through an internet service provider that can see everything you do on the web. Even if you’re on a public network or Wi-Fi, you may have individuals watching you. As a matter of fact, with a public network you’re exposed to the strong possibility of hackers and identity thieves who can see your passwords and credit card information. Connecting to the internet under these networks makes you far more vulnerable than you may have thought while surfing the net.

Surf The Net Anonymously

Fortunately for internet users worldwide there is a way to stay protected. Use of a proxy server will keep those passwords and personal information protected. Nobody will be able to see your internet traffic, not even your ISP. With a proxy server you’ll not only remain completely anonymous but your data will be scrambled so that others can never access it. In using a proxy, you can surf the net knowing your information and web traffic record is completely protected.

When you buy in to a proxy service, your provider will connect you to a browser that is not your own whenever you connect to the net. This works to create a virtual private network, or VPN, that provides a safe path for your data. This is accomplished through providing you an IP address from a different location. For example, you can be in Indiana and appear to be surfing the net from Russia. In eliminating your true IP, the VPN keeps your web traffic and data protected from any prying eyes.

Types Of Services

There are both free and paid proxy services you can use. Keep in mind that with the free services you’ll be subject to popup ads and other nuisances which can be incredibly distracting if you need to concentrate. With paid services, your fee purchases you a popup free web surfing experience plus technical assistance should you need it. Make sure to do your research when choosing which proxy service to use. Some services aren’t what they seem, selling your browsing activities to third parties or offering faulty services that don’t offer the best protection. Check the internet forums, consumer pages, and social media to determine the most trustworthy and performance driven proxy sites before deciding which one to go with for your web browsing.

Respecting The Law

Of course, just because you’re surfing the net anonymously doesn’t mean you’re free to violate laws. Keep away from illegal downloads from torrent sites and other illegal activity. These proxy servers are designed to make the net safe for you, protecting your data from wrongdoers and identity thieves. They aren’t meant to be excuses to violate laws under a cloak of anonymity.

So if you wish to surf the net anonymously, free from the prying eyes of hackers and identity thieves, look into using a proxy server from HideMyAss. You can rest easy,  knowing your data is protected at all times. Let a proxy keep you protected.

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