What HideIPVPN offers is simple: a quick, easy, and safe way to use the Internet anonymously and privately. Some VPN businesses and providers are created specifically for those new to the VPN scene, while other VPN services are geared towards veterans. HideIPVPN combines the best of these two options, allowing VPN-experienced users, newbies, and everyone in between to use the services with ease and efficiency.

HideIPVPN allows you to browse the web without having to be watchful or nervous of being watched, listened in on, or recorded in any way. HideIPVPN also allows you to use websites that might otherwise be restricted for your geographical location, as well as stream video from geo-restricted sited and torrent downloads.

HideIPVPN is an excellent option for a VPN service provider.

Price Options

Unlike other VPN service providers that have you pay for general access, HideIPVPN allows you to pay for monthly access to a specific country and server. For example, if you are really into BBC and want to watch the shows in America, you can subscribe to a specific server in the UK. You also have the option to pay for a more general access subscription.

The general price breakdowns are as follows:

Many VPN businesses don’t allow their subscribers to use peer-to-peer services, but HideIPVPN actually has a plan that is specifically created for Bit Torrent and P2P use. In this plan, subscribers can download as much or as little data as they want when they are connected to the Dutch and German servers.

HideIPVPN also gives you access to SSTP, IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, and Proxy protocols; depending on which package you are subscribed to.

HideIPVPN Customer Support

HideIPVPN offers outstanding customer support, no matter if you use the DNS option or any other type of HideIPVPN service. If you are having trouble with the service, you can either submit a help ticket to the customer support email address, or you can utilize the troubleshooting blog or FAQ section of the website.

Security and Privacy of HideIPVPN

As a VPN service provider, HideIPVPN obviously makes security and privacy a priority. HideIPVPN uses basic security features that are common to VPN service, but they also have more advanced and specific privacy protocols. For example, HideIPVPN uses a kill switch safety feature as well as a proxy server option to protect your privacy.

HideIPVPN also has a 128-bit encryption system that allows for increased security on both older devices and modern, fast computers and web-enabled devices. HideIPVPN guarantees that when you log onto the Internet using their service, you will not be traced watched, recorded, or tracked. You will be safe to browse and download as you see fit without worrying about government or corporate interference.

The Website Itself

The HideIPVPN website is simply designed and very user friendly. All you have to do to navigate the site is to use the links at the top of the home page. All of the pricing information is clearly laid out, and the troubleshooting blog is incredibly useful. The customer support email address is also very prompt, and easy to use.

Getting Started

All you have to do to get started using HideIPVPN is to sign up, and initiate the software. The protocols will lead you through the set up process quickly and easily. You can choose the country you want to use, as well as the specific protocol. If you want to make changes to the advanced settings of the program, just follow the instructions at the top of the page.

The settings page of the program also has convenient links to the customer service email, blog page, and FAQ section. All of the information you need to use the program is easily accessible and efficient. HideIPVPN is perhaps the user-friendliest VPN site available.

HideIPVPN Platforms

HideIPVPN works on any and all Mac and PC computers as well as mobile, web-enabled devices no matter what their software.

In Conclusion

HideIPVPN has lots of pro’s, such as:

However, HideIPVPN also has some cons:

HideIPVPN is a VPN company that requires attention. HideIPVPN’s service gives you secure, private, and fast Internet access on any computer or device. HideIPVPN also has a long list of other great features and uses that work with both advanced VPN users and those new to the service. We would definitely recommend HideIPVPN to potential users.

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