In general, VPN.S Secure is a quality service. The business website is clean and easy to use, the prices are easy to understand, and there are numerous servers in lots of different countries. VPN.S Secure software allows for high quality security and encryption, uses OpenVPN protocols, and offers a free trail and service for potential users who are looking for a deal.

However, VPN.S Secure has a strange no logs policy that has left our reviewers stumped. VPN.S Secure also has a rather rigid copyright infringement policy that is not only uncommon, but also doesn’t fit with their claim that they do not keep logs. This confusion begs the question: if they do not keep track of a user’s activity, how do they know if that user is breaking their copyright policy? Which policy does VPN.S Secure actually enforce? No one knows.

VPN.S Secure Price Options

VPN.S secure has a large variety of price plans and payment options. The different levels of pricing are:

VPN.S Secure is the only known service that charges users by protocol as opposed to by package. While the package payment plans are preferred because they are easier to understand, this strange system used by VPN.S Secure could work for VPN veterans who know exactly what they are looking for in a plan.

The Website

Unlike some of VPN.S Secure’s policies, the website is very simple and easy to use. The FAQ section offers a good amount of helpful information, but technical information is much harder to find. The website does not clearly state which encryption devices they use, or why one protocol option is better over another.

Troubleshooting and Customer Service

Despite their other pitfalls, VPN.S Secure has friendly and helpful customer service. You can ask questions and get technical assistance via live chat forums and emails. The response times for both were very good, and the answers were helpful.

Security and Privacy

VPN.S Secure says that they delete any and all connection logs every 24 hours, and that they never log any traffic information. However, if you read the fine print of the user agreement, neither of those claims proves to be true. VPN.S Secure actually logs user movements if law requires them to or if they need to in order to protect other users or company rights.

So, if you want to truly use the Internet securely and privately, we recommend that you use only the OpenVPN protocol, or one of a higher price. The OpenVPN protocol uses the highest possible encryption level with a 2048-bit protocol.

How to Sign Up for VPN.S Secure

You only need to provide a username, password, and email address in order to sign up for VPN.S Secure. Once you select which service you want to use, all you have to do is follow the on-screen prompts to install the protocols.

The free service only allows 600 MB per month.

Once the program was set up, you can easily begin to use the Internet via your new VPN.

When you sign up for a paid service, however, you cannot gain access to file sharing sites. But, the Internet speeds are very high and you can connect to a lot of different servers.

VPN.S Secure Platforms

The supported platforms for VPN.S Secure really depend on which protocol package you select. However, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android are all generally compatible. But, the free package is only available fin Socks5 and Windows, and the OpenVPN service does not work with iOS.


There are definitely some positive attributes about VPN.S Secure:

However, there are also some things that we don’t like about VPN.S Secure:

We cannot recommend in good conscience VPN.S Secure to most VPN users or consumers. VPN.S Secure’s privacy policy is very confusing and deceitful when it comes to file sharing options, user logs, blocked sites, and lack of technical information. VPN.S Secure does offer very high speeds and lots of country options, but the TOS is not good. VPN.S Secure might be a good option for veteran VPN users who know a lot about the available technologies and what they want out of them.

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